Sweetest U-Pick Blackberries In Northwest Georgia   

Flavor was our most important consideration when we chose to offer ‚ÄúSweety Pie‚ÄĚ at our U-Pick blackberry farm in Northwest Georgia. We were expanding and needed to find some additional varieties to offer. We looked around for varieties that would be hardy and do well in our climate, but we focused mostly on flavor. After … More Sweetest U-Pick Blackberries In Northwest Georgia¬†¬†¬†

Blackberry Winter

It was touch and go with the early varieties this spring! The weather here in Georgia was so beautiful, so early, that the Arkansas¬†Freedom Blackberries¬†decided to bud a bit too soon. In fact, we had little helpers out in the berry patch, helping to trim up the Freedom, as they began blooming in¬†the middle of … More Blackberry Winter