Opening Day! 2018 U-Pick Blackberry Season!

Grassy Mountain Blackberries will be open for picking beginning Saturday, June 16th.

First day of the 2018 Blackberry Season is June 16


2018 Hours


The hours for picking in 2018 will be Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8AM to 2PM. You may arrange a picking time outside of these hours by texting or calling (770) 262-6316. Most picking times can be accommodated, as long as arrangements are made in advance.


U-Pick and Pre-Pick Pricing



The prices for blackberries are unchanged from the 2017 season. U-Pick berries are $2 per pound and Pre-Picked berries are $4 per pound or $18 per gallon (5 lbs.). Please call ahead to order Pre-Picked berries that are ready when you arrive.


Our Location



Delivery is available by mileage. To calculate the delivery fee, use the map above to get the mileage from Grassy Mountain Blackberries to your location.


Delivery Fees


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