A Later Blackberry Season In 2018

Late Spring means late blackberry season in North Georgia in 2018

A wish-washy spring, that couldn’t make up its mind to be hot or cold, caused the blackberries to bloom later than usual this year. Just as the weather would warm up a bit and the blossoms would begin to appear, mother nature would swoop in with a freeze and shut it all down! As a result, the whole season is off by approximately two weeks and we’re all going to have to wait just a bit longer for that fresh blackberry cobbler!!!


Ouachita Blackberries setting on late in 2018
The Quachita variety bears in mid-early season. This year we expect to start picking these delicious berries in late June.


Early Season Varieties

The Ouachita (pronounced Wichita) and Sweety Pie are early bearing blackberries, typically ripening around the second week of June. However, these two have just finished blooming but they are setting on VERY heavily! We should be able to start picking them around the last week or so of June.


Triple Crown blackberries blooming late in May

This Triple Crown Blackberry is only just blooming in mid-May. Triple Crown are a large, full flavored berry. This season we expect to pick the Triple Crown in mid to late July.


Triple Crown Blackberries

The Triple Crown (my personal favorite) is a mid-season bearing variety and is only just now beginning to bloom. These berries are large and so full of flavor! We should be able to begin picking them around the third week of July.


Arkansas Freedom Blackberries sending up new growth
Two rows of Arkansas Freedom, sending up new growth that will bear late in the season. These plants will produce the largest blackberries you’ve ever seen!!! We expect to pick them in August.


Late Bearing Varieties – Arkansas Traveler and Arkansas Freedom

We grow two Arkansas blackberry varieties, the Freedom and the Traveler. These two deliver TWO crops of blackberries each year! They usually bear very early (sometimes as early as the first or second week of June) and again in August. However, sometimes they try to bloom earlier than our North Georgia climate will allow and the blooms either freeze or there aren’t any bees out to pollinate the blossoms. This year, however, there won’t be an early crop of Arkansas blackberries. @e had to cut them back to the ground last fall, in order to revamp the trellis system. This means we won’t be getting an early crop from them this year. The good news is that the new growth is coming back stronger than ever and we expect to see a bumper crop of late blackberries coming on around the first of August.


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