Blackberry Season 2017 – Hours, Pricing, Availability

It’s Blackberry Season at Grassy Mountain Blackberries in Chatsworth, GA!!!

All of us here at Grassy Mountain Blackberries are excited to announce that it’s time, once again, to enjoy a bountiful harvest. The earliest of the blackberries are just starting to come on. Availability on some of our varieties will be limited, as this is their first production year. Next year, production will be much more prolific.

Beginning June 6th, we will take pre-picked orders. Pre-picked orders will be filled in the order they are received, as the berries ripen.

As the berries come on more heavily, we will open for U-Pick, beginning (hopefully) June 15th.

Blackberry Season 2017 AvailabiityBlackberry availability schedule will be (roughly) as follows:

Arkansas Traveler – June 8th until the end of June

Sweety Pie – June 22nd to the middle of July

Ouichita (Pronounced Wichita) – June 22nd to the middle of July

Triple Crown – July 6th to middle of August

Arkansas Freedom – End of July to Middle of August

Arkansas Traveler (second crop) – Middle of August through end of September

Blackberry Prices for 2017

U-Pick Blackberries are sold by the pound and are 2.00 per lb. A gallon is approximately 5 lbs. When you come to pick, we will give you a bucket and you can pick all you want. We’ll weigh your berries at the end and you only pay for what you pick! We have containers available for taking your berries home, as well.

B`lackberry Season 2017 Pricing

***We must charge sales tax on all orders, whether U-Pick, Pre-Picked or delivery

***We accept cash and credit card payments


Pre-Picked Blackberry Orders

Blackberry Season 2017 Pre-Picked Berries




Pre-Picked orders will be filled on a first call, first served basis. We simply make a list of orders, as they come in, and fill them as the berries become available. It doesn’t require as heavy a crop for berries we pick ourselves, so we can fill pre-picked orders before the berries are on heavy enough to open up for U-Pick. Pre-picked berries will be availabe a week to ten days earlier than U-Pick. To place an order for Pre-picked blackberries, please call Kate at (770)262-6316.
Attention: Blackberries are a perishable crop. If you place and order, but then cannot pick them up in a timely manner, we will have to offer them to the next person on the order list. It’s nothing personal, they just can’t sit forever.

Blackberry Delivery Service

We are pleased to offer a blackberry delivery service this year! We have a pleasant driver who is willing to bring berries right to your door! A minimum order is required and delivery fees apply.

Blackberry Season 2017 - Delivery Service
2017 U-Pick Hours

We will be open for picking Thursday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

You may call Kate at (770)262-6316 to make an appointment outside of these hours.

2 thoughts on “Blackberry Season 2017 – Hours, Pricing, Availability

    1. Hi Grady, I’d love to get you some berries. Please call or text me at (770)262_6316. The berries that are on right this minute are great, but they are the not sweetest variety that we grow. Next week the “Sweety Pie” will be on. Those are the ones you want. I’ll put you down for a gallon of those, just as soon as they are ready. But, I need you to call or text me, so that I’ll have your contact number. I’ll give you a call as soon as they are ready. 🙂 Kate


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